Working With Policy Makers

The Home Performance Guild of Oregon can be a valuable asset for any policymaker or advocacy partner looking for input on energy policy, assistance with energy outreach, or support on legislation. The Guild represents a wide range of valuable voices, including contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, educational institutions, banks, local governments, and energy program managers. We are a values driven organization that seeks to foster open dialogue amongst a diversity of stakeholders in the pursuit of thoughtful, equitable and sustainably minded policy.

The Guild has been instrumental in providing one consolidated voice representing the Home Performance industries’ insights to programs like Energy Trust of Oregon, Clean Energy Works Portland (CEWP), Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO), Enhabit, the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit Program, and the US Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Together, we have helped shape these programs so that they best work for all stakeholders—government, homeowners, lenders contractors, and community groups.

We are also the Oregon state chapter of Efficiency First, a national nonprofit trade association that unites the Home Performance workforce, building product manufacturers and related businesses and organizations in the escalating fight against global warming and rising energy costs. We work with our national leaders to represent our local members and partners in public policy discussions at national levels, to promote the benefits of efficiency retrofitting and to help our industry grow to meet the demand for quality house-as-a-system residential performance upgrades.


The Issues

Home Energy Performance Scores

Home energy use ratings provide visibility into the amount of energy a home uses and the monthly costs of that energy. The Home Performance Guild believes that reliable home energy use ratings will increasingly be critical to the assessments and decisions of home owners, purchasers, appraisers and underwriters. In 2013 the Home Performance Guild led a coalition of partners in passing HB2801, which set state-wide standards for Home Energy Performance Scores and those who can produce them. We then shepherded that legislation through rule-making, and we continue to guide its implementation as leaders on ODOE’s HB2801 stakeholder committee.

Climate Change & Resiliency

Guild members are attuned to the current and potential impacts of climate change in the northwest. As such we are mindful of the role residential structures play in our individual and collective resilience. As an organization and an industry we are working to ensure that the impacts of future events on existing residential structures are lessened, and that residents have the greatest opportunity to stay in their homes following such events.

Shaping Programs, Incentives and Policy

Guild members are very experienced in contributing to thoughtful and productive energy efficiency program policy. Our leaders sit on many influential committees that are consulted on and contribute to utility program policies, state program regulations, and new legislation design. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help with your program design challenges.


When it comes to job creation, Guild members are where the rubber meets the road. Let us help you mine the most out of your opportunities when it comes to business growth, job creation, job skills, job retention, and workforce training.

Policy Conferences

Each year at our annual conference we tackle a critical conversation at the nexus of energy and public policy. In 2015 we dove into Health and Home Performance, in 2014 our focus was Real Estate Valuation of Home Performance, and in 2013 we brought together our industries’ stakeholders and external experts for a timely discourse on Cost Effectiveness. In developing conference topics we are always looking at what the industry will need in place a few years out, and we are always open to hearing from our partners about the conversations they’d like for us to convene around.