5th Annual Home Performance Conference



This year’s conference theme is:

Climate & Disaster Resilience

Homes are our primary shelter, but how resilient are they? The early affects of climate change are increasing the already worrisome risks of severe winter storms, wildfires, floods and landslides, and unpredictable natural hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis loom. All these events can happen in our region, and could cause critical damage to our built environment.

The 2016 Home Performance Conference will explore solutions that the Home Performance community can offer their customers to make their homes the most sustainable and resilient structures they can be.

The conference will also feature business development and technical sessions that draw from our industry’s leading thinkers, researchers, sales trainers and marketing consultants.

Some of the topics already proposed for discussion include:
(not all of these will be covered and most are still looking for speakers)

  • PV with EVs and EE
  • Strap it Down to Shelter in Place
  • Choosing An Inverter – Storage vs Cheap On Demand Power
  • Optimal HP Upgrades to Pair With PV
  • Reducing A Home’s Exposure to Forest Fire Hazards
  • Climate Change Hardships Exacerbating Existing Inequalities
  • Aging in Place – Preparing a Home for the Long Haul
  • A Home as a Community Resource for Community Capacity Building

Please submit your ideas for sessions today by emailing a 2-4 sentence synopsis of the discussion topic to: don@hpguild.org, subject: HP Conference Session Proposal. And please feel free to simply let us know which of the above ideas that you would like.

The conference will provide many opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their latest. Check out our SPONSOR & EXHIBITOR GUIDE, and contact April Knudsen, our Conference Coordinator, for more details (team@hpguild.org | 805-300-7370).

The 2016 conference is scheduled for this fall. The date will be chosen from one of the following dates: Oct 18, 20, 25-27, Nov 1-2, 8-10.
Please flag us to any known conflicts.

Venues are being engaged with now that share our values of energy, sustainability & resilience. They also need to have a main room for about 140, and a break out room for 50.
If you have any thoughts on like-minded venues we’d appreciate you letting us know about them.

BPI auditors, Technicians, Sales, Owners, Verifiers, Installers, Project Managers, and QC champions.

We’ll have BPI and CCB CEU’s available for attendees. If you’d like to see other continuing education credits available, please let us know.See you soon!
Don MacOdrum, Executive Director
Home Performance Guild of Oregon
don@hpguild.org  ||  503-754-5403