The Home Performance Guild of Oregon is a group of dedicated, experienced Home Performance Specialists, committed to working together to educate and serve homeowners, companies, and policymakers.

Our mission is to change how people throughout our region think about the health of our homes. We believe that when we understand the “house as a system,” we are able to deliver integrated comfort, safety, efficiency, and indoor air quality.

Each of the contractors associated with the Home Performance Guild of Oregon has agreed to abide by a code of ethics that expresses our shared values. We set a high bar for excellence and ethics because we believe that our way of thinking about home health should be adopted by everyone. We want all homeowners, companies, and policymakers to join us in a Home Performance vision for the building industry that is efficient, economical, and valuable.

By working together towards this vision, we believe we will create economic value for homeowners, as well as for the building industry, by creating jobs. Our extensive work with advocacy, regulatory, and industry partners helps ensure that the benefits of Home Performance reaches as many homeowners as possible.

Please join us in this energy future by having Home Performance for your home or by joining orsupporting our organization.

Our History

The Home Performance Guild of Oregon started as a contractor’s group on January 30th, 2009, by Ryan Clemmer, a local Home Performance Contractor, to help us work together to promote the industry. A core group assembled and quickly saw opportunities with House Bill 2626, known as the EEAST legislation, to promote Home Performance as the basis for new state-wide weatherization legislation. Guild members testified in front of legislators and worked with rule-makers to help guide the policies. Eventually, the Guild’s work on EEAST was largely incorporated into the pilot project, Clean Energy Works Portland (CEWP), intended to make Home Performance Retrofits easy, affordable, and high-quality. Guild members worked with CEWP organizers to ensure that the project would be attractive to homeowners and help contractors grow and provide job opportunities.

in May 2010, CEWP organizers won a competitive Federal Grant, funded with ARRA dollars. This block grant allowed CEWP to become Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO). It expanded to serve communities around the state, with a goal of 6,000 Home Performance retrofits in 3 years.

In 2011, in partnership with the City of Portland, Enterprise Cascadia, CEWO, and the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO), the Guild hired its first full-time executive director, Don MacOdrum, to expand the organization. CEWO started on March 15th, 2011, and many contractors flocked to join the Guild, which became the main organization representing Home Performance Contractors in Oregon, with over 90% membership statewide.

In 2012, the Guild expanded its relationship with the ETO to include support services to Oregon’s residential energy-efficiency industry. As a result, the Guild was able to hire its second employee, Membership Coordinator, Ginger Roberts. The Guild also changed its name, dropping the word “Contractor’s”, to represent the broader coalition of members that has formed to promote our mission. The Guild continued to expand its services, holding the first annual Home Performance Conference in Oregon, where industry professionals could come together to learn and share experiences. In September 2012, the Guild began planning its own direct customer-outreach campaign, which began in January 2013.

The Guild continues to attract more members and sponsors as we widen the tent to help promote the benefits of Home Performance contracting. The future is bright (and comfortable)!